Sarah Pozdol

Founder, OCRTraining



  • CrossFit L2

  • CrossFit Gymnastics

  • USAWeightlifting L1

  • Mobility WOD 102

  • Mobility WOD Performance Specialist

  • Spartan SGX

  • Spartan Obstacle Specialist

  • POSE Run Method

  • Coach, Team Army, Iceland.

Born and raised in Oregon, Sarah was exposed to fitness and athletics at a young age. She grew up watching her mother guide people in the fitness industry and personally excelled in softball, volleyball and track.

With over 10 year's experience in the fitness industry, Sarah has developed a deep understanding and passion for the different types of training methods and niche programs that are available. When Sarah found obstacle course racing in 2011, it was a pivotal point in her career.

In 2014, Sarah worked for Spartan Race, traveling to over 17 states in just that year alone. She was able to witness unprecedented examples of everyday individuals tackle challenges that served as a metaphorical connection to challenges that faced in their routine lives.

This was the spark that ignited Sarah's desire to help others face their perceived limitations head on. "It's about PROGRESS...NOT perfection.

In 2018, Sarah had the honor of coaching Team Army in the Spartan Race Honors Series 24 hour Iceland World Championships. As an athlete she has landed a top the podium in both CrossFit style competitions and Obstacle Course Racing.