Cruise The Course: Volume 1: FIND YOUR FIRE


Cruise The Course: Volume 1: FIND YOUR FIRE


A MUST HAVE FOR EVERY OCR enthusiasts gym bag!

Blending both analog and digital content, Cruise The Course Volume 1 is the OCR industries most innovative training reference on the market!

50 workouts that can be performed almost anywhere and with minimal equipment! Need to work on your elevation training? How about your grip strength and agility. Breathe control and recovery? We’ve got you covered! The purpose of each workout is clearly defined so that you are in control of picking the right workout for you! Like witnessing your progress? You will have the ability to record your scores and track your gains over time!

What else? You will also have access to video demonstration of all movements, educational “Brain Breaks”, daily motivation and discounts and offers from some of the industries top rated products and services!

Author: Sarah Pozdol


  • Spartan Race SGX, SOS

  • POSE Run Method

  • USAW L-1, CrossFit-L2

  • Mobility WOD 101/102/PS


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