Couch 2 Course™

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Couch 2 Course™

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OVER 1,000 participants to date!

What is it? An 8 week progressive training program designed specifically for the demands that your body will endure during an obstacle course race. This program is truly meant for the less experienced who need a jump start into training for their obstacle course race and also those who maybe have just taken a break and are ready to get back at it! Not a runner? NO PROBLEM, this program will slowly and safely introduce running over the eight week program.

What you will receive:

  • 8 weeks of programming.

    • When we say programming, we mean what exercises you need to do and when to do them throughout the week.

  • One 25, 35 OR 50lb Wreckbag. (Cost varies and product choice is made at time of checkout)

  • An 8 week subscription to Mobility WOD, one of industries top providers on content pertaining to mobility.

  • Access to video demonstration of the movements used.

  • Q&A with fitness professionals who are seasoned veterans of the obstacle course racing industry.

  • A space in the Facebook community!


Q: What if the race I want to sign up for is longer than 8 weeks away.

A: NO PROBLEM. Couch 2 Course is a program that is going to get you started the right way. Once you complete it, you can always advance to Cruise The Course which will provide you with a copy of the Cruise The Course training manual, weekly programming and more!

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